A Naturopath is a medical nutritionist and herbalist with a holistic and natural approach to health. Fremantle Naturopaths seeks to address the underlying cause…

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Fremantle Kinesiologist Laura Hickey utilises Kinesiology in conjunction with Naturopathy to offer a holistic and effective treatment…

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Digestive Health

At Fremantle Natural Health we can get your gut feeling better. Whether its bloating, IBS, constipation, SIBO, Crohn’s, reflux, diarrhoea – we’re confident we can help…

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Fremantle Natural Health

Helping you feel better – Naturally

At Fremantle Natural Health our Naturopaths and Kinesiologist want to help you feel better. Actually we want you to feel better for a long time, which is why we seek to find the underlying cause of your symptoms, so that when you feel better you stay that way. And of course we seek to do that naturally, nutrition, herbs, flower essences, muscle testing, kinesiology balances and/or lifestyle changes. Patient education is an integral part of our treatment. The more you are able to understand your body and how it works the more you are able to make long lasting health improvements.

Feeling Better Naturally

Perth Naturopath Digestive Health

Digestive Health

If your digestive system is not functioning optimally then the best food in the world will not nourish you. A good healthy digestive system is essential to a healthy…

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Trisomy 21

Natural medicine can have a profound affect on the health and wellbeing of people with Down syndrome. Optimising digestion, improving nutritional and detoxification…

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Perth Naturopath Infant and Child Health

Infant and Child Health

As the mother of a child with a chronic degenerative condition I see how much benefit diet, supplementation and herbal support can have when used in the…

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At Fremantle Natural Health, we are incredibly proud that we are regarded as the best naturopath in Perth. We are committed advocates of natural medicine in Perth and scientifically using Mother Nature’s ingredients to help with natural fertility in Perth and natural fertility in Fremantle. Many of today’s modern health conditions can be eased and even cured by using ancient remedies. We are regarded as a natural doctor in Perth and use herbal medicine in Perth.

If you have been suffering from an ailment and modern prescription or over-the-counter medicines don’t appear to be helping, visiting a Perth naturopath clinic or a Perth naturopathic herbal clinic may help you restore wellness. By adopting a holistic and natural approach to your condition, you can quickly feel like your old self with renewed vitality and energy. A naturopath in Perth or a naturopath in Fremantle can make positive suggestions regarding your lifestyle while encouraging the use of natural medicine.

After continually searching for a naturopath in Perth, WA, we have several patients visit our clinic after not being satisfied with previous treatments. We have extensive experience in natural medicine and believe in finding the root cause of your problems rather than merely treating the symptoms. We help you to understand your own body and this is one of the things that is central to making the small changes that can make big differences.

 At our Perth naturopathic and herbal clinic, we have specialists focusing on various aspects of herbal medicine in Perth. For instance, Deborah Pym is our natural fertility in Perth and natural fertility in Fremantle specialist. At the same time, Laura Hickley is a fully trained naturopath in Perth and naturopath in Fremantle, and she also is a qualified kinesiologist. Dr Anita Campbell is also a medicinal cannabis prescriber, an area of medicine that has received a lot of media attention since its legalisation.

Of course, many people are still sceptical about the use of herbal medicine in Perth and natural medicine in Perth. However, after being persuaded to “give it a try” often from coercion from friends and family, they have been delighted with the results. You must find the right practitioners and the best Naturopath in Perth. We appreciate that there are other Perth naturopath clinic, but we would encourage you to conduct your own due diligence before making a choice.

Some of the areas where we have achieved excellent results in herbal medicine have included digestive health, treating children and adults with Down’s syndrome and all aspects of infant and child health. As you would expect, we speak to each patient in person to gain a complete understanding of their needs and their condition before making any suggestions. If you have any concerns about our remedies or herbal medication, we would encourage you to speak to your doctor who will offer you further reassurance.

We are finding that an increasing number of people want to explore natural health options available to them instead of conventional medicine. As the best naturopath in Perth, we have the experience and knowledge to offer a wide array of natural remedies. Herbal medicine in Perth can help alleviate many conditions and even be a cure when conventional therapies have failed. Taking a holistic approach may produce results that surpass your expectations and come without any nasty side effects.

We believe in getting to the root cause of your health problems as this is the best way to get the long-term benefits. All too often, doctors are more concerned with treating the symptoms rather than providing a cure. While we understand that a naturopath in Fremantle may not always be able to provide a solution, we do everything we can and will always explore different angles, staying up to date with the latest research and putting together comprehensive treatment plans. This is why we are regarded as the best natural doctor in Perth.

Ancient medicine is often used as the base for the drugs that we buy over-the-counter in many pharmacies around Australia. However, modern medicine isolates these natural chemicals and/or uses artificial components that can cause their own health issues. We support you working with your GP and are happy to work alongside you and your GP for a treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs. Our clinicians are fully qualified and vastly experienced.  

With the recent pandemic many of us have begun to question conventional medicine and seek a more holistic alternative. We have found an increasing number of individuals searching for a naturopath in Perth or a naturopath in Fremantle. For many, we are regarded as the best naturopath in Perth with a comprehensive knowledge of natural medicine in Perth that can treat various ailments and improve general health and well-being.

Modern lifestyles have been proven to reduce fertility rates in both men and women. With
treatments such as IVF being incredibly expensive, natural fertility in Perth and natural fertility in
Fremantle are highly sought after. Our natural doctor in Perth can suggest some nutritional medicine in Perth that can help improve fertility at a fraction of the price of conventional treatments and comes without many of the side effects. 

Nutritional medicine has worked for thousands of years, treating fertility, and we firmly believe that this is still the case today. Nutritional medicine also improves the efficacy and success rates of IVF Of course, it is not only fertility issues that we treat, our Perth naturopathic and herbal clinic; we also suggest treatments to help restore the body’s natural balance, looking to address the root cause of problems rather than just treat the symptoms. 

While other naturopath in Perth, WA, may have the same knowledge that we possess, we have the practical experience that allows us to assess patients individually rather than merely treating the condition. So, if you are searching for a Perth naturopathic clinic and wishing to see the benefits first-hand, call us today to arrange a consultation!

If you would like to visit a naturopath in Perth, a naturopath in Fremantle or a naturopath anywhere in Perth WA, we would like to invite you to call us on 0411 538 600, email or contact us directly via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and being of further assistance.