Amanda Roe – Naturopath is a Naturopath with an interest in wholefoods and digestive health.  After working in a health food store for two years Amanda worked in a wellness clinic that specialised in allergy testing.  On a personal and professional level, the results of eliminating common allergens have provided outstanding results to improve and clear up what may appear symptoms unrelated to gut health.  Since graduating in 2007, Amanda has also worked in pharmacy and weight loss clinics.  Amanda currently also works in the office of the Buddhist Society of WA and believes that much can be learnt from the Buddhist monks and nuns in terms of mindfulness, non-attachment, slowing down and being in the present moment.

In 2015, Amanda studied with FERN café in Fremantle as a Raw Cook and Instructor.  This laid the foundations for the development of a raw food business providing healthier treat options that are also nourishing.  The following year Amanda completed Wholefood Chef training with Jude Blereau which included invaluable nutritional information and discussion.  

In 2018 Amanda trained as a Wellness Coach with Wellness Coaching Australia, providing mindset tools and techniques to guide clients to reach their health goals.

As a mum to two children, 8 and 11 and being a gluten intolerant family Amanda is passionate about the impact that food has on how resilient a person can feel.  If digestion is working well and the food eaten is in it’s most unrefined form then a person can feel great on all levels – mental, physical and emotional.  Long standing health issues will need more than diet to heal initially, but ideally a healthy diet can keep you well.  With supplementation for any health tendencies (such as a sensitive nervous system) to be secondary to a healthy diet.  

With a sensitive (and highly empathic) neurodiverse child who is prone to anxiety and noise sensitivity, Amanda is passionate about neurodiversity and how natural medicine can help to bring out the best in people.  Modern day society isn’t designed with all people in mind, but thank goodness for natural medicine and wholefoods to provide support in feeling your best, along with making accommodations for yours needs, self-care and self-compassion.

A naturopathic consultation is lengthy and allows that extra time to really listen to a person in clinic, hearing all aspects of a person’s life and deciding on a detailed treatment protocol.  Consultations involve thorough questions to get a picture of the body as a whole. During your initial consult Amanda will look at your mineral and heavy metal status with the oligoscanner – spectrometry device, as well as using tongue and nail observations to guide treatment.

Some symptoms that respond well to natural therapies:

Fatigue, Burnout

IBS, Food Intolerances

Anxiety, Depression

PMS, Painful Periods

Poor concentration

Stress, Overwhelm

Acne, Skin Irritations 

Treatment is through dietary alterations, stress management strategies, vitamins, minerals, herbal medicine, flower essences.  

Amanda works 10-4pm Thursdays and alternate Saturdays

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