Naturopath Consult

Naturopath Consult

A Naturopathic consult takes about 60 minutes initially. This enables the practitioner to get a big picture view of you, your symptoms and the core issues blocking your health. Fremantle Naturopath and Kinesiologist Laura Hickey seeks to build a relationship with her patients in order to develop a  deeper understanding of their health and wellbeing. This involves indepth case taking, iridology, tongue and nail diagnostics, food and airborne stress muscle testing, as well as a wide array of functional pathology testing. This enables Laura identify what is going on with your body so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be formulated. An initial consult involves many questions about your body and different body systems, as well as questions regarding family history, lifestyle, stresses and diet.  As a Kinesiologist Laura may also muscle test for stress on certain foods, substances or body systems and may recommend some full Kinesiology balances as part of your treatment plan, in order to address some of the underlying energetic or emotions components which may be blocking your health.

The body is not just a series of single parts, it works as a whole organism. A symptom from one part of the body could be a clue to a deeper pathology or a nutrient deficiency. It is important to take the time to find out more than just the presenting complaint.

Follow up Consults

At the initial or second consult we will agree to a treatment plan, this will usually involve some diet and lifestyle modifications as well as a possible herbal or/and nutrient supplements and preferably some Kinesiology balances. If you have been requested to get further testing then a full treatment plan may be implemented after the test results come back. Whilst the treatment plan is in action you will be required to return every one to two weeks until symptoms change and you are confident and committed to your program.

Functional Pathology Testing


Initial Consultation 60 min


Follow up consults – 30 min


Kinesiology 60 min


The doctor of the future will no longer heal the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition

__Thomas Edison

Concession rates are available for healthcare card holders, please discuss with Laura at commencement of consultation