Deborah Pym – Natural Fertility Specialist

Deborah is a Clinical Nutritionist, holds a Master of Reproductive Medicine and is a GAPS  certified practitioner. She is the founder of Mamatoto Natural Fertility, and the ’Growing Healthy Babies Initiative’ which is a unique prenatal care and pregnancy protocol based on integrated care provided by nutritionists,  doctors and other healthcare providers.

Deborah has an active clinical practise helping women reach their pregnancy and nutritional health goals. She has been practising a functional nutritional approach to pregnancy and has been helping families on their fertility journey since 2012.

The ‘Growing Healthy Babies Initiative’ includes educating and empowering women through the preconception, pregnancy and postnatal phases and facilitating community networks that can support pregnancy. 

As a GAPS (gut and psychology/physiology syndrome) practitioner, Deborah is passionate about evidence-based, holistic health and supporting health through nutrition. 

She has four children and reflects that life has been abundant with all that’s fertile!

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Growing Healthy Babies Initiative

Preconception healthcare as a way to transform the health of the next generation is the foundation of the ‘Growing Healthy Babies Initiative,’ promoting health, nutrition and lifestyle.

For a family to enjoy a lifetime of better health, their journey must start before conception. In fact, those critical four months before conception, often referred to as the real ‘first trimester’, supports an easy conception and trouble-free pregnancy. The newborn will start life with the benefit of transgenerational health and resilience.

Our quest is to reverse the ever-increasing rate of chronic disease by applying protocols aimed at improving the overall health of the prospective parents during this phase. Ideally, the longer-term benefits are that your child will have a life free of chronic degenerative disease. Poor preconception health (his and hers) and compromised nutritional intake in addition to lifestyle and environmental toxicity contributes to poorer reproductive outcomes.


The ‘Growing Healthy Babies Initiative’ encourages integrated healthcare during the preconception phase and pregnancy between the doctor, nutritionist and other healthcare providers. Supporting IVF and ART is an important aspect of the initiative and optimises the success of these procedures.

While the medical aspects of the pregnancy are managed by the doctor, the nutritionist supports the preconception phase with individualised nutrition plans, appropriate low-tox lifestyle, beneficial nutritional supplements, lifestyle and wellness advice. Many fertility issues such as PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent miscarriages can be addressed.

Debbie works Fridays 10-6pm

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