Group Detox

Group Detox

The next workshop is on Monday November 7th at 6pm in Hamilton Hill.

Detox Packages

Basic – $70

Includes 2 hour workshop, attendance at social gatherings, link to Facebook support page and support from naturopath Laura Hickey via phone, text or email. Also included is a 1 week eating plan and a comprehensive list of recipes.

Please note any cost of social gatherings, e.g. movie ticket is the responsibility of the participant and not covered in the $70

Basic plus Herbs – $165

At a minimum I recommend you include the herbal tonic. These herbs help support your liver, lymphatic and immune system, keeping you healthy while you detox and reducing your risk of a healing crisis (e.g. muscle aches, headaches, cold and flu symptoms). The 500ml bottle will last 4 weeks.

Basic plus herbs and supplements – $200

This includes the basic package plus 4 weeks of herbs, a healthy gut powder and 60 probiotics

Parasite Cleanse – $280

Whilst doing the detox you might like to rid your body of any parasites or overgrowths of bacteria or yeasts in the gut. It is a good idea to do this routinely every year.

This package includes the basic, plus herbs and supplements, plus parasite cleansing formula.

All herbs and supplements can be ordered individually but are offered at a discounted rate as part of a package.

About the Group Detox

The group detox is a great way to clean out your body,  whilst being supported and part of a group. Initially there is a two hour workshop where Laura discusses and explains the way our digestive system works including the detox pathways of the liver. The detox diet is then covered comprehensively as well as which foods will be eliminated and why. The group then meets up once a week for social activities. This may be an urban hike, a picnic at an outdoor cinema, a meal at a detox friendly location, sunset walk on the beach. Each week will involve a different activity. All activities will be arranged outside normal business hours, but are tailored to suit the needs of each group.

The Group detox is a beautiful way to learn about your body and learn what foods to eat in order to enable your body to function at its best. The detox can be gentle and therefore suitable for breastfeeding mothers or it can be taken to a very deep cleansing level depending on what you feel you need or want at the time.

The detox can also be tailored to suit certain elements you wish to focus on such as liver health, lymphatic movement, heavy metal detox, xenoestrogen detox etc. Any special requirements need to be discussed with Laura after the workshop. She may recommend an individual consult where she can recommend certain testing, specific foods, prepare you some herbs or organise specific supplements.

Detoxing with a group helps with motivation and commitment as it’s not just you pushing yourself. You have a group of people working for a similar goal that you are in contact with throughout the four weeks.

To register your interest contact laura via the contacts page or book your place today

For more info about the specifics of the detox follow this link Detox Specifics