Fremantle Kinesiologist and Kinesiology

Fremantle Kinesiologist Laura Hickey utilises Kinesiology in conjunction with Naturopathy to offer a holistic and effective treatment to her clients. Kinesiology uses the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Your muscles are connected to and controlled by your nervous system and therefore your brain. Through your muscles the kinesiologist can have a dialogue with your body, on both a physical and emotional level. This information is then discussed with you and as the session progresses links may be made regarding many elements of your well being and associated with different times in your life.

We are all physical as well as energetic and emotional beings. Whilst naturopathic processes address many of the physical elements kinesiology addresses the emotional and energetic.

Kinesiology combines Western and Eastern wisdom, incorporating chakras, meridians, physiological and nutritional components of health. The kinesiologist is a facilitator enabling your body to communicate where stress lies and how to release it.

Within your session the kinesiologist will also perform a correction, this may include flower essence therapy, acupressure, sound healing, sending or clearing energy and emotional stress release techniques.

Kinesiology can benefit you on a physical, emotional and energetic level. You may see kinesiologist Laura Hickey because you are having digestive discomfort or because you are feeling unmotivated at work, suffering from hot flashes or communicating poorly with your partner. Laura can help you identify and remedy blocks or patterns that are causing you physical or emotional stress.

Kinesiology is gentle and non-invasive, suitable for babies, children, men and women. Try it today, you will be impressed and relieved.

A Kinesiology session usually goes for 60-90 minutes and is charged at $130. As A Naturopath and Kinesiologist Laura can utilise information from the balance to recommend dietary, lifestyle changes and possibly supplements and/or herbs to help restore balance to your body.