Infant and Child Health

As the mother of a child with a chronic degenerative condition I see how much benefit diet, supplementation and herbal support can have when used in the right way. Erratic behaviour, changes in behaviour, poor focus, short attention span, hyperactivity, cognitive impairment, hyper emotional, anxiety, sleep issues can all be resolved or improved with natural medicine. Normally as a parent if you feel something is not right with your child then it probably isn’t. So book your child in and 

At the heart of everything neurological is the digestive system – being able to muscle test for food intolerances is an incredible clinical tool. Most work with kids involves work with the gut as well as nutritional support via supplements. 

The combination of Kinesiology and Naturopathy enables me to integrate physiological and emotional energetic components and work holistically on health and well being. With children and babies I also use gentler modalities such as flower essences and homeopathy. Muscle testing also means I can be more specific on dosing and preferred treatments for each individual.

Infant and Child Health

Areas I work on within Infant and child health include;

I have extensive diet plans and recipes so can support you to improve you and your families diet or have all the info to at least change the diet of your child.

My children and I have traveled on this Naturopathic journey together. Kayden now 14 does not blink an eye at having to drink a herbal tonic or take two or three supplements when he is sick. He has experienced the benefits of natural medicine and although it doesn’t always taste the best, he knows that the results are worth it. Rose my daughter has been on high dose nutritional supplements and antioxidants since she was about 6 months old, so I’m a pro at pulling apart capsules and administering supplements without much fuss (at this stage – 3 years they are generally disguised in organic fruit purees, homemade ice-creams and yoghurt). I see children often surprise their parents by being interested in and even asking for their medicine. As an Aunty and friend to many mum’s I have also learnt that not all children realise the benefits of herbal tonics or have the ability to swallow tablets so I have spent some time investing in child friendly supplements and concocting child friendly tonics.  and I also know all about taking my baby for regular blood tests, multiple appointments and never ending research and facebook forums. So I can empathise and I can also recommend a good phlebotomist or other practitioners who are good with infants and children based on my experiences.