Dr Anita Campbell – Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber

Dr Anita Campbell – Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber Perth

Dr Anita Campbell completed her medical studies in Fremantle, in 2011. Since then she has achieved a Fellowship with the Royal

Australian College of General Practitioners and completed specialty training in the management of Mental Health and Drug &

Alcohol related conditions. She is a published author with research articles in both National and International medical and 

psychiatric journals, and has a range of experience working in General Practice, at Royal Perth Hospital and in the Kimberleys.


Dr Campbell has experience treating patients with medicinal cannabis for a range of conditions, and is accredited as an Authorised

Prescriber. She is passionate about improving the quality of life for those with chronic pain/illness and has a special interest in

Sports Medicine

Dr Anita Campbell is currently an authorised prescriber of medicinal cannabis in Perth 

Are you Eligible?

You have a medical condition that has been diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner and you have tried medicinal medication

 You have read and understood  the current medicinal cannabis factsheet for WA and are interested in trying this medication

You have discussed medicinal cannabis with your current treating practitioners and they are unable to prescribe it to you

You can make an initial assessment appointment today

Initial Consultation

Follow-Up Consultation

Includes comprehensive assessment and initiation of treatment (where appropriate). Bring with you any recent specialist reports, imaging and/or a GP referral letter to avoid delays. 

$395 (approx $110 medicare rebate)

Patients will be required to attend at least two follow up appointments within the first three months. The first being within 14 days of treatment commencement and will involve review and liaison with your current treating practitioners.

Follow-up Telehealth appointments are available but they will not be eligible for the medicare rebate.

$200 (approx $75 medicare rebate) 

Dr Campbell runs an independent practice at  Fremantle Natural Health. 

Contact – 0473 883 600 Email medigreen@icloud.com

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