Natural Allergy Treatments

Natural Allergy Treatments

Laura is a trained and registered natural allergy treatment practitioner, offering incredibly effective and simple natural allergy treatments. Laura will work with you looking at diet and environment as well as utilisation of an incredibly effective technique called positive association therapy (PAT).

PAT is a non-invasive, natural allergy treatment. PAT is based on a form of positive conditioning, utilizing kinesiology and acupressure techniques to help re-train your body to no longer react to food, airborne and chemical substances.

PAT has been performed in Australia since 2003, and New Zealand since 2007, on more than 25,000 clients suffering from allergy symptoms. Many PAT clients come through referral from friends and family who have had excellent results.


During your Initial Consultation, Laura will take a detailed history of your symptoms, perform a form of muscle testing for a wide range of food, airborne and chemical substances (depending on your symptoms), as well as a PAT treatment for one substance group.

For the muscle testing (kinesiology) component, you’ll lie on a treatment table and be asked to press your whole arm into the table, while your practitioner resists your pressure. You then hold on to different sample vials of each substance (e.g. dust mites, dairy, etc) and a change in your muscle pressure indicates a reaction to that substance.

At the end of your Initial Consultation, you will receive a list of results for all the substances tested, as well as a treatment plan. At each follow-up consultation Laura will re-check that your last treatment has “held” and then move on to the next substance group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About 80-85% of clients only need one session per substance group, so the number of treatments usually just depends on how many substances are triggering your symptoms.

The treatments can last anywhere from a few months to 10 years, depending on the person.

Yes, we see many children in the clinic, who often respond well to PAT. The only difference when seeing a child under 5 years old is we use one of the parents as a “surrogate” tester for the muscle testing component, whereas the PAT component is exactly the same.


As Laura is a registered practitioner through Health and Wellness Australia (HWA) – all appointments are booked through HWA – via the link below. Pricing also differs slightly from Fremantle Natural Health pricing

Initial PAT Consultation (1 hour)

$150 AUD

Follow-up PAT Consultations (30 mins)

$100 AUD

Extended PAT Consultation (1 hour)

$135 AUD

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