What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a medical nutritionist and herbalist with a holistic and natural approach to health. At Fremantle Natural Health we seek to find the underlying cause of your symptoms and then utilise food, herbs, supplements, flower essences, lifestyle changes to aid in restoring your health and vitality. Patient education is an integral part of our treatment. The more you are able to understand your body and how it works the more you are able to make better choices in regards to your health and well being.

Naturopaths study for four years to receive a degree in Natural Health Science. This includes extensive study of nutritional and herbal medicine, in-depth anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, nutritional biochemistry, human disease processes (pathology) and food as medicine. After our degrees we continue to research and attend high amounts of professional education and development as well as post-grad studies. 

Naturopaths are trained to treat you as an individual and your body, mind and emotions as an integrated part of your health and wellness. 

Many people choose to see a Naturopath as they are looking for natural solutions to their health, they have been through the medical system and are not getting positive changes, they want something to compliment the treatment they are receiving from their doctor or they are looking for a more personalised approach to their health with a practitioner who has time, builds a relationship and invests in their patients.

Naturopathy – Based on Traditional Natural Medicine / Backed by Modern Science

Naturopathy is based on traditional natural medicine systems. Much of what we do has roots in traditional herbalism and traditional medicine philosophies and practices. However due to our strong reliance on science today and the availability of extensive good quality research on herbal and nutritional medicine Naturopathy has evolved into an evidence based practice. Herbs and supplements prescribed have proven efficacy in modern scientific research.